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Hey, I’m Matt Duffy founder of Freedom In The Truth Ministries. I’d like to help you develop a Biblically informed way of leading others.

Who is Matt Duffy?

I am a faith based leadership consultant. Forty years experience that includes Pioneering, Multi-Staff Churches, Transitioning Churches in trouble, and developing a University Ministry. All these have grown a passion to  understand and apply a Leadership-Culture that is Biblically informed and practical for effective Ministry. 

Sandra and I fell in love in High School and married in 1974. Five Children, thirteen Grand-Children and multiple experiences - knowing, loving and serving others - continue to grow us into who God intends us to be. Because the universal  reality for all people is an ongoing journey on this planet. Neither of us was "raised in Church". Sandra came into Jesus in 1976. I in 1977. Both of us had very real, visceral experiences in Holy Spirit. 
We are still learning and growing as followers of Jesus. 

I consult with Leaders who are open to revisit, recalibrate and reform what it means to effectively lead others. And am convinced that this enhances a health and potency in the people we are entrusted to lead.

 What is at stake?

As Francis Shaeffer said, "Ideas have consequences". Our calling as Leaders? To try our best to understand what the Bible tells us about what it means to LEAD others. And to practice those principles.

Self-knowledge as a fundamental beginning.

I think of the scene from Snow White. The queen and the "magic mirror". Her question, "Who's the fairest of them all"? And the discovery of the truth? You know how the rest of the story goes. My point? That those who are called to Lead others need to regularly visit "the mirror". And grow an honest assessment of self. 

The other side of this "yoke of responsibility" is a healthy knowledge and understanding of how we are all shaped by our cultural influences. Those "cultural" spheres include Family, Ethnicity, Nationality, and Church. A good understanding of these factors will always help Leaders to make healthier Leading-decisions.

Now let's touch FIVE SYSTEMIC NEEDS  for Leaders to understand.

Issue #1 - Truth

Power is promised as we step into these frightening waters. Jesus taught that Truth is the way into freedom. Do we want to be free.

Issue #2 - Power

An entrustment of what actually belongs to God. How do we exercise power as responsibility, not privilege and position?

Issue #3 - The Priesthood of all believers

Do we really believe this? How we shape everything tells us what we actually believe. What does this look like in the practical?

Issue #4 - Witness

Formulas or essence? They both matter. How we represent and present the Good News to others and our world?

Issue #5 - Leading & Following

YES to both. We aren't Leaders just because we have a title. Leading comes out of a multi-faceted dynamic.  What does this "dance"  actually look like?

How can I help you?


Invite me to facilitate an introduction of a larger Seminar/Workshop with Pastor and Board. This 1.5 hours allows a possible second step.


  •  Two hours Friday evening. This takes a look at two things --- Cultural and Self - Knowledge. An evening of getting to know each other, Teaching, and open discussions to help us all grow in understanding.
  •   Three hours Saturday morning. A combination of teaching and open honest discussions around systemic challenges. This will engender some "AHA's", and help all involved to grow in understanding, grow a better Leadership-Culture, and begin to influence your entire Church Family.


  • Allow me to continue to walk with your Leadership in developing a deeper understanding of all areas we have touched in the Seminar/Workshop.
  • A monthly stipend can be negotiated based on phone, Zoom or Live. 

Who should Attend?

  • Staff and Support Staff
  • Current Title Leaders
  • Former Titled Leaders
  • Influencers in your Church
  • Future Potential Leaders

You will need to discern who to invite.

Leaders encompass all areas of Ministry: Children’s Ministry leads, Youth facilitators, Middle School, Youth, Leading in ministry areas to every generation: Children, Pre-teens, Youth, Young Adults, Small group facilitators, Seniors, AV TECH Sound, ETC.

The Seminar

Leadership influence can reshape and empower better understanding of what it means to follow Jesus. A larger vision that expands beyond our doors is needed to fulfil our calling as His people.

These five hours combine teaching and  open, honest discussions. When we are unafraid to talk through the Who? What? Where? When? Why? we build mutual understanding and appreciation for each other.  And the process takes us to greater clarify of what matters as we walk in our Faith journey together.

Ongoing Support

Allow me to continue walking with you. Phone, Zoom and live gatherings are available means to meet. 

This ongoing relationship model allows us to continue in the journey at a pace and capacity that is tailored to your unique context and needs. 

Financial options to Partner with you are multiple, based on your unique situation.

I'd love a chance to talk.            Matt
"We invited Matt Duffy out to our church to lead us in a seminar on leadership and wow what a powerful time! Matt has a special gift in being able to lead people into open and honest discussion around various assumptions we make about church, culture and leadership. What was shared is exactly what today’s church in today’s culture really needs to hear. Highly recommended!"
Jesse Lurch
Lead Pastor, Junction Church

Freedom in the truth - frequently asked questions

Should we be concerned with how we understand Leadership?
Of course! Imagine the power in the Church if we get our heads and hearts around a Scriptural understanding.
Why is there an urgency to revisit and recalibrate our understanding of Leadership?
Because we continue to understand Leadership with personal and cultural lenses --- not necessarily Biblical ones. It's a healthy, ongoing maturation process.
Does the Bible really paint a different picture of Leadership than we tend to see?
Yes --- and no. Our calling is to gain a clearer understanding of the differences. And learn how to lessen our Personality-based and Ego-rooted ideas of Leading.
Isn’t it valid to Lead in a way our current cultures can relate with?
It’s a balance. Beyond our personal and cultural understanding of what leading looks like, our challenge is to work at growing into Biblical Leadership-Culture principles.
Isn’t a strong Personality a “natural born leader”?
Possibly. But history is full of “strong personalities” who have done great damage. So, there is far more to being a Leader than Personality and Giftedness. Wisdom and humility inform “giftedness”.
Is there any such thing as a “perfect Leader”?
NO WAY! The Bible is clear in both teachings and examples. It is human nature to be attracted to personalities. But it is evident that God calls and anoints as He chooses. Our response to God is to earnestly seek to grow and develop as we exercise our responsibilities as Leaders. 
How can Jesus-followers do a better job representing Jesus to each other and others?
I think we as Leaders are entrusted to do the hard work of thoughtful, prayerful exploration of what it means to be God’s people. And intentionally teach and model these things to others.
What if Pastors of local Churches are not “gifted” to teach others in this area?
All who Lead should purpose in their hearts to grow personally in understanding of Biblical Leadership. A major part of this process would include exposing themselves, and those they lead, to proven resources for this purpose.
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